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Introducing the innovative NEW Blue Titanium Metal-Injection Molded (MIM) Fade Blade (FX8022BL), designed with an oil reservoir for continuous lubrication, resulting in lower blade temperatures for a comfortable shaving experience. Paired with the cutting-edge N1 Brushless Motor featuring dual ball bearings for enhanced efficiency, this system operates at 6,800 RPM or 13,600 SPM, ensuring optimal performance. The 4-stage LED ring battery indicator keeps you informed about the power status. A new 5-detent locking stretch taper ensures precise adjustments, complemented by an improved all-metal housing for durability. The design features an ergonomic finger rest, a removable hair pocket door for easy cleaning, and a knurled metal barbell grip for a secure hold. The tapered end cap includes a hidden hanging hook for convenient storage when not in use.