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The Blue Ultra-Thin DLC/Titanium T-Blade (FX707BL) combines hypoallergenic properties with high strength, ensuring a comfortable and durable shaving experience. Its ultra-thin design helps maintain a lower blade temperature during use. Paired with the N1 Brushless Motor, which features dual bearings for increased efficiency and operates at speeds of 7,200 RPM or 14,000 SPM, users can expect a long lifespan and reliable performance. The interchangeable Lithium Battery (FXBB24) offers up to 3 hours of continuous runtime and includes a button for quick battery release, along with a 4-stage LED ring battery indicator for easy monitoring. The improved all-metal housing incorporates an ergonomic finger rest, a removable hair pocket door for convenient cleaning, and a textured rubber grip for enhanced handling. Additionally, the tapered end cap includes a hidden hanging hook for convenient storage when not in use. These features collectively provide a premium shaving experience with a focus on performance, durability, and user convenience.