Derby Premium Razor Blade 100ct

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  • Derby Premium Single Edge is made of stainless steel. This ensures long-lasting use and is rust-proof. At the same time, its thin structure provides a sharp and precise shaving experience.
  • Thanks to its thin and sharp structure, it offers superior sharpness and sensitivity in every shave. In this way, it minimizes the risk of skin irritation and provides a smooth shaving experience.
  • Derby Premium Single Edge blade offers you maximum comfort while shaving. It provides a slippery surface and allows you to glide easily and helps you to shave effectively without damaging your skin.
  • This razor is compatible with many different shavers and products thanks to its universal single edge design. Therefore, you can easily attach and use your existing razor.
  • Choose Derby Premium Single Edge razor to take your shaving experience to the next level and achieve perfect results. Unlike disposable plastic knives, Derby Premium Single Edge is durable and can be used over and over again.